Sitemap - 2022 - It Can Always Get Worse

The Fall of the Incan Empire and the Decline of Native America

Islamic State Shifts its Focus to Afghanistan and China

Re-examining the 2015 ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack

Islamic State’s Newsletter Attacks Qatar, the World Cup, ‘Personal Freedom’, and Profiles an Afghan Jihadist

A Rare Islamic State Attack in Iran

The Islamic State’s Leader is Dead Again … Maybe

The Role of Christianity in Russia’s War on Ukraine

Britain’s Betrayal of the Tsar

Disinformation, Seventeenth Century-Style: The Popish Plot

Someone Tried to Assassinate Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Everyone Has a (Conspiracy) Theory

Film Review: ‘Halloween Ends’

The Shah’s View of the Revolution that Felled Him

Prison Breaks, Jihad in Africa, and Uniting the Sunnis: The Third Speech of Islamic State Spokesman Abu Umar al-Muhajir

Al-Qaeda’s Statement on the Twenty-First Anniversary of 9/11

Islamic State Says Its Attack on the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan Shows the True Jihadist Path and the Taliban’s Deviation From It

Has Turkey Arrested the Islamic State’s “Caliph”?

The Islamic State’s Response to the First War Between Israel and HAMAS in Gaza

Islamic State Celebrates An Operative Who Tried to Disrupt the Battle of Mosul

Islamic State Messaging Focuses on Africa, Highlights Eastern Syria, and Attacks Turkey

Islamic State Spokesman Refutes ‘Fabrications’ Against the Group and Explains its Intentions After Moving into Syria

Islamic State Military Official Describes Running a Guerrilla War Out of the Syrian Desert

Two Months in the Life of the Islamic State

Detained Relative of Saddam’s is Accused of Participating in Islamic State Crimes

Socialism Could Never Have a Human Face

The Islamic State’s ‘Strategic Plan’

Biden’s Disaster in Afghanistan, One Year On

A Jihadi Murder-Mystery: Who Killed Abdullah Azzam?

What We Learn From the Death of Al-Qaeda's Emir Ayman al-Zawahiri

Reduced, But Rebuilding: United Nations Reports on Islamic State and Al-Qaeda

Why Are So Many of Islamic State’s Leaders Killed in Northern Syria?

A Lesson the West Ignored From 7/7

The British Spy War with the Irish Republican Army

Bloody Sunday and the Irish Republican Army

Can the West Keep Track of the Threat From Jihadist-Ruled Afghanistan?

The West Continues to Live Under an Islamic Blasphemy Law

Why Putin’s Regime Says Jews Are the Worst Nazis

The Islamic State’s Ramadan Message: Attack Everyone More

Review: “Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered”

Islamic State Says the War Against Israel Must Be Religious, Not Nationalist

Islamic State Attacks Israel For the First Time in Five Years

Islamic State Admits the Old Caliph is Dead, Appoints A New One

Islamic State Says Muslims Should Not Take Sides in the Russia-Ukraine War

What Happens Now America Has Eliminated Another Islamic State “Caliph”?

Spy Games in the English Civil War

Islamic State’s Version of the Attack on the Sinaa Prison in Syria

When Parliament Put the King on Trial

Signs of Escalation from the Islamic State in Libya

Breaking the Walls, Again: The Islamic State’s Campaign to Free Jihadist Prisoners

Islamic State Says It Will Rise Again

Islamic State Highlights its War with Christianity in Africa

The Communist Massacre of the Russian Royal Family